Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Another Great Day

We were extremely lucky with the weather last Saturday for the PFE - the day was looking very stormy during the morning; so bad that we had to pause during the crew's briefing due to the noise of the rain on the hangar's tin roof!
But then the clouds cleared, the sun came out, the wind lightened and blew straight down the runway and we were on for an excellent day.  All the hard work and planning paid off and the event went without a hitch - thanks to the many helpers and attendees without whom, none of this would have been possible.
Special thanks to the marshals: Big Ian and Jimmy for getting the aircraft started and sent-off on time and, to Jim Matonti for providing excellent air-traffic on the day.  Also BIG thanks to Jimmy/Matthieu, Peg-Leg Jim and (again) Jim Matonti and "Pizza" John for providing the oysters, kebabs, pizzas, BBQ pigs, soft drinks, etc. during the day's event and the evening party.  And, big thanks to Daniel and his girls for keeping the beer flowing all evening.

But the biggest thanks of all to those who showed support on the day - your attendance was much appreciated and we look forward to an even better event in 2014.

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