Thursday, November 1, 2012

E.F.C. - airfield and pilot information.

E.F.C. is a beautiful grass airstrip situated some 4 Nautical Miles East of the beach at Jomtiem/Pattaya, 20 NM South of Bang Phra (VTBT) and the nearest commercial airport is U-Tapao (VTBU), about 13 NM South of E.F.C. The runway has been very recently extended to 500 meters; here's a quick video showing both runways:

Here's a shot taken from the East (runway highlighted), showing EFC in the context of its surrounding landscape:

Eastern from the East - Nov 2012
Here's a view of finals for runway 01, clearly showing the Bungy-jumping Tower obstruction (the runway has been highighted):

Finals for 01 at EFC - Nov 2012

And, here's one looking down runway 19 showing the new runway extension and the poles/wires before the threshold:

Dec 2012 - Poles/wires on the threshold of 19 - CAUTION

E.F.C. Frequency:  122.3
Lat/Long: 12* 54' 09" N / 100* 55' 59" E
Runway:  01 and 19
Runway length:  500m
Slope: 1 degree upslope on runway 01
Surface: grass
Circuit Patterns:  01 RH circuit - 19 fly LH circuit
Altitude:  120 ft AMSL
  • Bungy-Jumping tower very close (west) on finals to 01 - for this reason alone, do not attempt to fly a left-hand circuit for runway 01. 
  • CAUTION **** poles and wires very close (20m) to the threshold of runway 19.
  • Tall mast when turning right-base for 01.
  • Tower-mast near left-base turn for runway 19.
  • Mast East of 19's threshold.
  • Radio model strip East (left) of finals for 19.
Sunrise/Sunset times on 9/10 March 2013:  06:28/18:26

Life-jackets:  You will not need life-jackets to participate at E.F.C. 2013 

NOTAMS:  It is the responsibility of all pilots to check NOTAMS prior to this event but active NOTAMS will be covered in the briefing session.  We will also issue a NOTAM for this event so other non-participating aircraft know to avoid the area.

Aircraft parking: on the day of the event will be...............  Each aircraft will be given a take-off time and there will be a separation of a few minutes between each aircraft's departure.  After landing, each aircraft will return to the ........ for parking.

Fuel: will be available (at no mark-up) to anyone who has ordered in advance.  We will have 100LL, 95 benzine and, if it's still available, 91 benzine.

Tie-down points: will be available to those who order in advance - so you don't need to bring your own pegs, just your tie-down straps. 
Air Traffic: will be operating at the field during the actual event.  We will file a flight plan for all participating aircraft for the duration of the event and will arrange permits for visiting "U" registered aircraft.

Children's Day:  As with last year, there will be no Children's Day.

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