Thursday, November 1, 2012

Timetable of Events

Friday 8th March 2013
Aircraft may arrive early for an evening meal and refreshments.  Camping space will be available for those who wish to rough-it or if you've rented a car, you can collect it at Eastern.

18:26              Sunset
19:00              Briefing for trikes/Quicksilvers who wish to fly the Navigation Event at dawn
                       on Saturday.

Saturday 9th March 2013

06.28              Sunrise
06:30 - 07:00  Launch trikes/Quicksilvers for Navigation Event.
06:30 - 11:00  Air Traffic will be present for visiting aircraft and trikes/Quicksilvers
07:30 - 08:30 Trikes/Quicksilvers return for Spot Landing Event

08:30 - 11:00  Breakfast and refreshments will be available in the clubhouse restaurant
11:00 - 12:00  Crew briefing and completion of entry forms

EFC 2012 Crew briefing

12:00 - 14:00  Lunch in the clubhouse restaurant
13:30              First aircraft take-off for Main Navigation Event and thereafter at intervals of                        3 to 5 minutes
14:30              First aircraft returns for Spot-landing
16:30              Last aircraft take-off
18:15              Last aircraft returns for Spot-landing
18:20              Marshals calculate points for competitors
18:26              Sunset
19:00               Commence "Precision BBQ"
19:45              Results have been calculated
20:00              Announce results and prize giving

 Last year's breakfast fly-out at Dok Krai

Sunday 10th March 2013

06:27              Sunrise 
07:00              Tea/coffee in hotels or in the clubhouse restaurant
07:45              Depart for breakfast fly-out to somewhere close - to be decided
10:30              Depart for home airfields   

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