Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rules for Spot-landing Event

The Precision Flying Event is divided into two components and the Spot-landing Event comprises 10% of the total points.  Each crew will be allocated 10 points for this event and will have these points eroded by executing a long (or short) landing.

After completing the Navigation Event course, pilots will call to re-join the E.F.C. circuit when overhead the final waypoint - they will then be given joining instructions by ATC to complete the Spot-landing Event.

A chalk line will be marked out on the runway which will be clearly visible from your cockpit as you fly your final approach.

Each competitor will call "Callsign -  finals 01/19 for spot-landing"
ATC will reply "Callsign - cleared to land runway 01/19 for spot-landing"

You are now committed to your spot-landing - any baulked landing or go-around will result in disqualification from this part of the PFE.  If you are told to go-around by ATC, you will be permitted another approach when told to do so by ATC.

Here are the rules:

1.  Only one spot-landing entry per crew.
2.  Each crew's spot-landing must be completed after passing the final waypoint of the Navigation Event.
3.  Crews will not be permitted to land (for any reason except an emergency) between the Navigation Event and the Spot-landing Event.
4.  Unless acting under ATC instructions, any baulked landing, go-around or overshoot after the pilot has called "finals", will result in a deduction of all 10 points.
5.  The "spot" will be counted as where your main wheels touch the runway.
6.  If the aircraft bounces on landing, the "spot" will be where the main wheels touch on the final touchdown.
7.  Ground Marshals will mark the "spot" - there will also be a video back-up of each landing.
8.  Any landing short of the line will result in all 10 points being deducted.
9.  Scoring - No points will be deducted (from your allocated 10 points) for a landing on-the-line.  Thereafter, 1/4 point will be deducted for every meter you are long.  Therefore if you land more than 40 meters after the line, all 10 of your allocated points will have been deducted.
10. After landing, aircraft must clear the active runway without delay, under ATC instruction.  This is to avoid mishaps on the runway:

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